For the four grandiose days of the upcoming Grand Prix weekend, Montreal joins the ranks of Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Săo Paulo when it evolves from its fun-loving self into an all-the-more hyped-up, extravagant and boisterous metropolis. If you’ve been scanning through the abundance of options and trying to find the optimum place to spend your weekend nights in Monty, we got you.

Picture a world where the champagne never stops flowing, the music never stops playing, the jewels never come off and the party never ends… and you’re picturing CLUB MUZIQUE, the ultimate destination for clubgoers on Montreal’s Saint-Laurent strip. Sponsored by GREY GOOSE, its Grand Prix weekend lineup is jam-packed with top-notch DJs, red carpet luxury, and the who’s-who of the international elite.

For opening night on Friday, June 9th, STEF AGOSTINO, MEKKI AND DJ DELEON will be summoning you to the dance floor with their collision of house and top 40 beats. The next night DJ INTRINITY, JERICHO and DJ KIDD will be all the way from out of the town to keep a steady rotation of hip hop and r&b all night long. Then for the final evening on Sunday, June 11, wait for AVI LARGE and DJ XCLUSIV to wrap things up Montreal style.

Named by AskMen Magazine as “one of Montreal’s finest clubs,” this statement won’t be truer than when Muzique assumes its full form for the Grand Prix weekend and becomes synonymous with splendor. From June 8th to 10th, Grey Goose and the Grand Prix are a match made in heaven that’s going to be delivered straight to the doorsteps of Blvd Saint Laurent.

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